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Lavi–Natif Algavish (2014) Ltd.

Lavi–Natif Algavish (2014) Ltd. is gradually replacing and continues the activity of Lavi-Natif Consulting Engineers Ltd., which was founded in 1979.



Lavi–Natif Algavish (2014) Ltd. is an engineering design company in the field of water and soil engineering. Its fields of activity include water infrastructure, hydraulic engineering, water supply systems, sewage and effluent systems, water treatment, effluent recovery, hydrology, hydraulic calculations including floodplains, road drainage, channeling, stream regulation, protection against floods, water reservoirs, pumping stations, land conservation, land development, irrigation, constructions, and civil engineering.

The company is engaged in planning, consulting, and engineering supervision at all planning stages – beginning with masterplans, general plans, detailed plans, and up to supervision.






The firm employs over 25 engineers in the fields of water engineering, soil engineering, civil engineering, soil consulting, and construction.

The company's engineering team mix combines experienced high-level engineers with young engineers, graduates of the Technion and other leading universities, who provide creative solutions. The company is capable of and experienced in integrated civil and hydraulic engineering projects.




The employees' team aims to act as a leading engineering design firm. Realizing this goal is achieved by combining the employees' availability and accessibility to its customers, along with the provision of the best possible professional response while complying with the relevant laws, standards, and regulations which apply to the field of engineering design undertaken by the company engineers.

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