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Construction and land consulting:

Our company has a department for construction design and land consulting, manned by engineers in the field who are licensed in the field of construction and land engineering.

Our engineers specialize in designing optimal and cost-saving concrete and steel structures.

We are engaged in the design and supervision of projects of various kinds, in private and commercial construction, factories, shopping centers, hydraulic structures of all kinds, designing buildings to water infrastructure, such as water conduits, steel bridges, deep ditches, casing walls, slurry walls, pile walls, nails/anchor walls, reinforced soil walls, and the like.

Preparing bills of quantities and issuing tenders and specifications.


Below is a partial list of the works executed by our firm:

In the field of land engineering:

  • Preparing a stability calculation report of the embankments of Yad Hana (Center - Netanya), Meshushim (Golan Heights), Ortal (Golan Heights), Naama (Jordan Valley) reservoirs, for the Reservoir Evaluation Committee, and the Surface Water Committee.

  • Preparing a stability calculation report of Nahal Hava dam, embankment height 14 m, Shezafim dam, 6 m high.

  • Hydrotechnical and stability calculation of the sealing layer for a 5.4 embankment near the hotels at the Dead Sea Works.

  • Geotechnical and hydrotechnical calculation for a dam in Nahal Kane (near Kfar Saba), a dam in Nahal Sorek (kibbutz Zor'a) which included: calculation of loads and forces, recommendations and guidelines, building stability, seepage under the dam, and filters.

  • Land survey of east Yakum, Tel Yitzhak, Haogen, Zor'a center, Zor'a Pel'i, and Shefayim reservoirs: Drilling in the ground and taking samples and testing in the field, preparing a land survey report for the Reservoir Evaluation Committee.

  • Geotechnical calculation for the insert of descending ditches to depths of 10-20 m into the ground. (Constructing the ditch above-ground and excavation into the ground and sinking of structure into the soil) 9 stations in the jurisdiction of Emek Hefer Regional Council, 6 stations in the jurisdiction of Hof Hasharon Regional Council.

  • Land report for building a pedestrian bridge over Nahal Shchem.

  • Analysis of laboratory tests, preparation of guidelines report, and recommendations for execution.

  • Preparation of a detailed plan and calculating walls with nails, Nahal Lachish conduit, Yavneh Municipality, the Ministry of Construction and Housing.

  • Land reports in the area of the Dead Sea Works to build an aqueduct over the feeding canal, regulation reservoir, water conduit, dirt and concrete canal, and insertion of piles.

  • Preparation of a detailed plan and calculating pile walls made of steel at the Dead Sea Works: the deck of pool 3, elevating the main pumping station in pool 5 P5.

  • Ground Report for Kfar Giladi Reservoir.

  • Land report for the regulation facility at Nahal Ha'arava.

  • Land report for Pura dam.


In the field of construction engineering:

  • Ports and Railways Authority: Planning water conduits for the planned rail from Beer Sheba.

  • Planning pumping stations (caissons) in the jurisdiction of Hof Hasharon Regional Council. 9 stations, construction design.

  • Planning pumping stations (caissons) within the jurisdiction of Emek Hefer Regional Council, construction planning.

  • Eastern Reservoir/Tel Yitzhak: Construction design of all the buildings.

  • Designing the elevation of pumping station P5: The work included designing the elevation of existing piles, designing a sinkhole monitoring system, steel design, and steel pipes 150 cm in diameter.

  • Designing an aqueduct (water canal as a bridge) over the feeding canal.

  • Concrete bridge design (water conduit) at the entrance to the magnesium plant, including the issuance of a building permit.

  • Designing pile walls for the deck of pool 3, in collaboration with Baran Ltd.

  • Planning an inverted siphon under the feed canal, designing all temporary casing walls made of piles.

  • Ramot neighborhood in Beer Sheba – designing water conduits to drain the neighborhood, including construction planning.

  • Nahal Besor - planning a steel bridge for pedestrians.

  • Modi'in: Designing water conduits and underground passageways.

  • Planning the doubling of a conduit for Nahal Yavneh which includes:

         - Design of reinforced concrete conduit.

         - Planning a pile wall to line the excavation.

         - Planning a wall with soil nails.

         - Design of various facilities made of steel for hanging communication cables.

  • Design of two steel bridges on Nahal Alexander, each with an opening of 20 m.

  • Design of steel bridge over Nahal Lachish for Mekorot, including hanging pipes on the bridge.

  • Design of pumping stations as part of the Geulat Hayarkon project, water recirculation plant at the Yarkon by slurry walls.

  • Designing commercial buildings in the size of 2000 m² in the village of Yarka.

  • Planning a shopping mall at Beit Jan of 4 floors with basement and parking.

  • Planning an entry BENSTOCK pipeline in a power plant in Guatemala, water transfer pipe from the height of 400 meters to the entrance to the power station, pipe diameter 2.7 m, length of 2 km.

  • Planning a plant in the Industrial District of Kidmat Galil in an area of 1000 square meters, including the preparation of a building permit portfolio to be submitted to the Committee and land report.

  • Planning a metal workshop in an area of ​​850 square meters in the Industrial District of Kidmat Galil, including preparation of a building permit portfolio to be submitted to the Committee and land report.

  • Design of retaining walls to expand the schoolyard in Herzliya, for Herzliya Municipality.


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