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The streams of Israel, their tributaries and the regulated drainage channels constitute the country's drainage infrastructure. This infrastructure accepts all floodwater, surface runoff, excess irrigation water, and underground drainage from the built-up areas, roads, and agricultural areas.

Our company deals with drainage design, consulting, and engineering supervision for about 40 years.

Our work includes agricultural drainage works, urban channeling, road drainage, open space drainage, and underground drainage.

The company projects include all of the planning stages:

  • Master plans and surveys.
  • Preliminary and general design.
  • Detailed design for execution, including tender documents.
  • Supervision of execution.

Below is a partial list of the projects executed by our company:

  • Water regulation and diversion systems in the Golan Heights streams for the Nature Conservation Authority.
  • Planning the drainage of Route 431
  • Planning the drainage of Menachem Begin Highway.
  • Planning the drainage of Road 9 – Ha'arazim Valley, Jerusalem.
  • Planning the drainage of Route 90, central section.
  • Planning the drainage of the new airport - Timna.
  • Rotenberg Power Plant - drainage, and land conservation.
  • Protection of stream banks against destruction - Nahal Snir, the section of Beit Hillel, Nahal Hermon, the section of Sde Nehemiah.
  • Drainage of wetlands in Ein Jahir, Kalia.
  • Planning restoration and pooling in Nahal Yarkon, the section of Seven Mills – Park Hayarkon.
  • Drainage of Acre football stadium.
  • Zoran, drainage and channeling.
  • Highway 77, the section between Golani and Hamovil interchange.
  • Planning urban drainage in Be'er Sheva, Neve Menachem, planning underground conduits and drainage channels.
  • Planning urban drainage in Rosh Ha'ayin, Kfar Kassem Industrial Zone, planning underground conduits, and drainage channels.
  • Planning urban drainage in Nazareth, the city hall, and the Culture Hall, planning underground conduits and drainage channels.
  • Planning urban drainage in Kiryat Ata, a protection canal.
  • Road 574 – the road crossing the towns of Baqa and Gat.
  • Atlit Salt Pool - underground drainage.
  • Kenya Project - agricultural drainage.
  • Urban channeling -Ramla.
  • Urban channeling – Nahariya.
  • Urban channeling – Haifa.
  • Zipporit Industry Area – channeling system.
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