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The drainage infrastructure is intended to remove floodwater and surplus water in the quickest and most efficient way to the origin of the drainage - the Mediterranean, the Red Sea, and the Seas (Sea of ​​Galilee and the Dead Sea).

Our company has been engaged in planning, consulting, and engineering supervision in the field of drainage for about 40 years.

Our work includes the preparation of general and detailed plans and tenders for the execution of flood protection projects on open and urban areas, factories, and infrastructure.

The company projects include all of the planning stages:

  • Master plans and surveys.

  • Preliminary and general design.

  • Detailed design for execution, including tender documents.

  • Supervision of execution.

Below is a partial list of the projects executed by our company:

  • Eilat Bird Watching Park – pooling and flood protection.

  • Drainage and flood protection, Nahal Arava "Kinet Canal," Eilat.

  • Drainage plan, flood protection, regulating Nahal Roded, Eilot.

  • Drainage and flood protection, Beer Ora Community Settlement.

  • Drainage planning and flood protection – Timna Airport.

  • Flood protection - Pura dam.

  • Drainage and flood protection, South Park, Tel Aviv.

  • Drainage and flood protection, Eilat, Car Parking Area, and Free Port.

  • Peripheral drainage, Dead Sea Works, Regulation Reservoir Basin 6-7.

  • Peripheral drainage, Dead Sea Works, the potash canal.

  • Peripheral drainage, Dead Sea Works, an extension of the smaller Ashalim dam.

  • Drainage and flood protection, Dead Sea Works - the magnesium canal.

  • Drainage and flood protection, Dead Sea Works - internal drainage system – inverted siphon under the feed canal.

  • Nahal Moda area.

  • Nahal Betarim Dam.

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