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Many streams and their tributaries are not at all regulated or only partially regulated, and others are not maintained as required. They are unable to properly stream the floodwater, causing the flooding of built and populated areas in their vicinity.

Lavi Natif Company leads an integrative basin view, which is required to implement river restoration and development. This perspective allows for sophisticated design and execution that includes consideration of all the components of the physical and human environment in the catchment area. Such a broad perspective enables finding innovative solutions that combine the needs of nature and man, which were previously considered to be conflicting.


The company projects include all of the planning stages:

  • Master plans and surveys.
  • Preliminary and general design.
  • Detailed design for execution, including tender documents.
  • Supervision of execution.

Below is a partial list of the projects executed by our company:

  • Regulation of Nahal Dalia, including reinforced concrete conduit in Fureidis.
  • Regulation and restoration of sections of Nahal Alexander: Ma'abarot, Elyashiv, and Kalanswa.
  • Regulating Nahal Hadera at the section of the eastern rail.
  • Regulation of Nahal Hadarim.
  • Regulation Nahal Be'er Sheva, the section of Be'er Sheva city.
  • Regulation of Nahal Arava, the section of the Kinet Canal, Eilat.
  • Regulation of Nahal Arava, outlet to the Dead Sea.
  • Regulation Nahal Lachish – protecting the city of Ashdod from flooding.
  • Diverting Nahal Barkan.
  • Regulation of Nahal Maharal.
  • Regulation of a canal system at Hof HaCarmel, west of Highway 4.
  • Regulation of Nahal Dishon.
  • Restoration of Nahal Merhavia.
  • Regulation of Nahal Ada and its arrangement to serve as a scenic and hiking route.
  • Diverting a section of Nahal Ometz.
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