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For the past 40 years, our company has been active in the areas of design, consulting, and engineering supervision.

Our work includes projects for systems of wastewater and effluent disposal, on all their components: pumping stations, piping, fittings, reservoirs, chlorination and filtration systems, and more.

The company projects include all of the planning stages:

  • Master plans and surveys.

  • Preliminary and general design.

  • Detailed design for execution.

  • Supervision of execution.

Below is a partial list of the projects executed by our company:

  • Nahariya - Ein Sara neighborhood - water and sewage systems.

  • Zipori Industrial Zone - water and sewer.

  • Nof Ayalon - water, sewage, treatment facilities, and plumbing for buildings.

  • Sderot Industrial Zone – sewage.

  • Industrial Zone Sha'ar Hanegev East - sewage.

  • South Golan Heights - a master plan for wastewater treatment and reclamation.

  • Khushniya - sewerage system and evaporation ponds.

  • Sewer Masterplan for the Northeast Sea of ​​Galilee.

  • Collecting and transportation system of effluents from the IDF camps in the Golan Heights.

  • Hof Hasharon Regional Council - a central collection system for sewage, pipelines, and 8 pumping stations.

  • Park Golda - Negev Spa - water systems and water treatment of the pools; sewage and plumbing.

  • Masada National Park - design of water systems, sewage, sanitary systems, water treatment, and purification facilities.

  • Kishon Prison, Prison Service - planning sewer and sanitary systems

  • Sderot Commercial Center - planning sewer and sanitary plumbing.

  • Olive Park, Beit Shemesh - sewage.

  • Zoran Communal Settlement - analyzing water and sewage systems and planning a new neighborhood of about 1000 dwelling units.

  • Jerusalem, Eastern wastewater collector, Kidron - the Dead Sea.

  • JNF Park at Ma'aleh Adumim.

  • Jaffa, Noga Complex - planning water, sewage, and drainage systems.

  • Effluents Reclamation, Regional Council Hof Hasharon and surroundings - General Plan.

  • Reclamation and utilization of effluent and streams in Nahal Yarkon for irrigating Ganei Yehoshua Park, Tel Aviv.

  • Reclamation and utilization of effluent water for irrigating the area of Modi'in Regional Council.

  • Reclamation and utilization of effluent water for irrigating the area of Emek Hefer Regional Council.

  • Harel Reservoir - 500,000 cubic meters – effluent reservoir.

  • Sealing Sderot Reservoir - 700,000 cubic meters – sealing effluent water reservoir.

  • Meitzar Reservoir at the Golan Heights - 600,000 cubic meters - effluent and floodwater reservoir.

  • Sde Yoav – pooling effluent water.

  • Chemical Industrial Zone Ramat Hovav - sealed evaporation ponds for industrial wastewater, including leakage control.

  • National Toxic Waste Site at Ramat Hovav - storage pools and treatment of toxic wastewater, including leakage control systems. Dor, seasonal ponds for recycled and flood water.

  • Emek Hefer – pooling reclaimed and flood water.

Chlorination and filtration systems:

  • Nir Am station

  • Habesor station

  • Ramat Hanegev station

  • Neot Tmarim plant

  • Treatment, reclamation, and irrigation plant, Masada East

  • Treatment, reclamation, and irrigation plant, Masada West.

  • Temporary irrigation facility of Yeruham effluents.


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