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Water Conduction Systems:
  • Designing water conduction systems, including water canals and hydraulic structures.
  • Dams, including hydraulic systems.
  • Regional water supply plans.
  • Flow regulation, including distribution facilities.
  • Urban channeling systems.
  • Hydrological analyses, including flow calculations, hydrographs, flood routing, simulations of systems to determine the utilization expectancy, and more.
  • General hydrological-hydraulic consulting.
  • Hydrological surveys as the basis for drainage plans.
  • Drainage Appendices.
  • Hydrological surveys for road and rail planning.
Flood protection and drainage:
  • Drainage systems surveys and flood protection in open and built areas, and for roads and railways.
  • Masterplans for drainage and flood protection.
  • General and detailed design of drainage systems and flood protection in open and built-up areas.
  • General and detailed planning of river regulation, including landscape design in collaboration with landscape architects.
  • Regional and local drainage.
  • Drainage of roads.
  • Underground drainage systems.
  • Drainage of agricultural land.


Water and sewage systems
  • Survey of regional and district water and sewerage systems.
  • Designing water and sewer lines of all types, steel, HDPE, fiberglass and more.
  • Urban and rural water supply systems.
  • Regional and national water programs.
  • Local and regional sewer systems.
  • Water systems in recreational lakes and water parks.
  • Sewage and effluents disposal systems.
  • Pumping stations for all purposes.
  • Effluent utilization for irrigation.
Masterplans and zoning annexes
  • Basin masterplans for drainage and flood protection.
  • Preparing the infrastructure for geographic information systems (GIS).
  • Environmental Impact Survey, Drainage Chapter.
  • Rural development plans.
  • Effluent utilization for irrigation.
  • Regional wastewater disposal plans.
  • Regional effluent recovery plans and utilization for irrigation.
  • Water, sewage, and drainage appendices for zoning plans.
Reservoirs and pools:
  • Feasibility studies for the construction of pools and reservoirs.
  • Gorge and side reservoirs, including their facilities (feed system, emptying, surplus water spill, and more).
  • Evaporation ponds and industrial pools.
  • Ponds and recreation lakes and resorts.
  • Gorge reservoirs.
  • Wetlands.
  • Sealing pools and reservoirs.
  • Floating covers for open water pools.
  • Dams and hydraulic structures in reservoirs.
  • Landfills and solid waste sites.
Construction and land consultancy:
  • Preparation of land surveys - including guidelines and specifications for conducting soil surveys and laboratory tests.
  • Calculating flow networks in embankments, reservoirs, dirt channels, and underground drainage.
  • Preparation of land reports for buildings, reservoirs, supporting walls, lining walls, pumping stations, buildings, factories, horizontal drilling.
  • Stability calculations for reservoirs, slopes, retaining walls.
  • Calculation of wall thickness in underground and surface pipes (steel, PVC, HDPE).
  • Constructive design for concrete and steel structures, including factories,  commercial buildings, office buildings, ponds, underground conduits, deep trenches.
  • Designing of lining systems, slurry wall design, steel pile walls, casing walls made of piles, anchors, and ground nails.
  • Design of supporting walls of all types, weight, concrete, reinforcement, rockeries, and hives.
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