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Water Supply Systems - General


Our company is engaged in the design, consultation, and engineering supervision in the field of water supply systems.


Planning of water supply systems, including all their elements, pumping stations, piping, and fittings.


The firm executes projects across the country, and its employees are available anywhere.


The work carried out by the company includes all design stages:


  1. Master plans and surveys.

  2. Preliminary and general design.

  3. Detailed design for execution.

  4. Supervision of execution.



Below is a partial list of the works executed:


In the field of water supply:


  • Zipori Industrial Zone - water systems.

  • Mazkeret Batya - water systems.

  • South Park, Tel Aviv - water systems and plumbing for buildings.

  • Ramla City Center - water systems.

  • Ramla Hashoftim Neighborhood - water systems.

  • Nof Ayalon - water systems, purification facilities, and plumbing for buildings.

  • Sderot Industrial Zone - water system.

  • Sha'ar Hanegev East Industrial Zone - water systems.

  • Latrun Yad-Lashirion Monument - water systems, and plumbing for buildings.

  • Piping system for Habesor Reservoirs 24" – 60" in diameter.

  • Piping system Golan Heights 20" – 48" in diameter.

  • Piping system Triangle Border - Netanya Stage A Enterprise 32" in diameter.

  • Piping system Re'im area, 24" in diameter.

  • Piping system Water Project North Brazil 66" in diameter.

  • Golda Park and Negev Spa - water systems and water treatment of the pools; Water systems, plumbing, and the park's swimming pools.

  • Kishon Prison, Prison Service, planning all water and sanitary systems.

  • Sderot Commercial Center, planning water systems and sanitary installation.

  • Olive Park, Beit Shemesh, water systems.

  • Zoran Community Village, analyzing water systems and planning a new neighborhood of about 1,000 units.

  • JNF Park Ma'aleh Edomim, water systems, scenic-tourist pooling.

  • Jaffa, Noga Complex, planning water systems.

  • Streets of Jerusalem water infrastructure planning, for Gihon Water Company.

  • Waterline for Sayarim Base 24" in diameter for Mekorot.

  • Bypass line – displacing line segment of 3" in diameter for Mekorot.

  • Geulat HaYarkon - Yarkon River Consumers.

  • Zihor Pool 2 – for Contractors tender before execution (Mekorot).

  • Paran Pool 2 – for obtaining a building permit (approved by Mekorot).

  • Detailed planning for water and sewage in Ashkelon Complex - Phase I of Israel Rail.

  • Resource Reservoir -Beer Hail - main lines to consumers.

  • Emek Hefer – ring bracket line at the Beit Lid junction - general planning.


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